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8 June 2023

~1 min

pyOpenSci – Diverse Community Around the Open Tools that Drive Open Science

by Leah Wasser

«pyOpenSci – Diverse Community Around the Open Tools that Drive Open Science» by Leah Wasser

PDF, 4.8 MB

Pyodide – A Python distribution for the browser

by Roman Yurchak

«Pyodide – A Python distribution for the browser» by Roman Yurchak

PDF, 1.3 MB

Writing plugin-friendly applications in Python

by Travis Hathaway

«Writing plugin-friendly applications in Python» by Travis Hathaway

PDF, 1.8 MB

How to teach Python

by Kristian Rother

«How to teach Python» by Kristian Rother

PDF, 971 KB

Practical Data Privacy

by Katharine Jarmul

«Practical Data Privacy. An Introduction to Privacy Technology futures» by Katharine Jarmul

PDF, 754 KB

Copyright, Software Licenses and Python

by Tobias Schlauch

«Copyright, Software Licenses and Python» by Tobias Schlauch

PDF, 1.6 MB

Protect intellectual property

by Michael Meinel

«Keeping your Intellectual Property Safe with Python Software» by Michael Meinel

PDF, 1.0 MB

asyncio and friends

by Travis Hathaway

«asyncio and friends» by Travis Hathaway

PDF, 251 KB


by Andi Albrecht

«sqlparse – a short introduction» by Andi Albrecht

PDF, 144 KB

Sending million Pushes

by Trung Phan

«Sending million Pushes» by Trung Phan

PDF, 852 KB

Great Expectations

by Sam Bail

«Great Expectations & The Wonderfull World of Data Quality Tools in Python» by Sam Bail

PDF, 1.4 MB

Rust for Pythonistas

by Christian Kauhaus

«Rust for Pythonistas» by Christian Kauhaus

PDF, 3.1 MB

Deta – zero to cloud micro-app

by Max Eusterbrock

«Deta – zero to cloud micro-app in 300ms» by Max Eusterbrock

PDF, 1.4 MB

Building Python Projects

by Dr. Cristián Maureira-Fredes

«Building Python Projects – PEP 517 & PEP518 to the rescue» by Dr. Cristián Maureira-Fredes

PDF, 1.4 MB